Warszawa, 19.06.2001-07-27

We are presenting you the stand of Patriotic Association "Wola-Bemowo" with proposal to put in the execution and consolidate around idea of new convincent for voters electoral movement, where Polish Nation shall be at least sovereign in own country.

Leader of the Association
Anna Znamińska


Beeing in commotion by cheating the nation renoved with the help of false democracy by the way of parliamentary election we are prpoposing the solution of the problem to take consideration for our and our children welfare.

I.    We are stating as follows:
Neverceasing source of evil in our country is the fatal organization of the State with the corruptible several hundried persons parliament on the top. It is creating the most black pages of Polish history as: voting partition of Poland at the end of XVIII century and approval of marshall law it was war against Polish Nation at December 1981. Like from 1989 without respect on the personal composition realizes programme of liquidation of Polish State through:
-    selling out of Polish Soil, buildings, settings /arrangements/ and plants together with workers,
-    granting to the false representatives of Polish Nation power to transmission /make over/ in the international hands grounds after some extermination camps,
-    moral, juridical, economical, State financial destruction,
-    narcotic dependence of parliament members from the high income and tearing away from the nation,
-    consent to yearly printing of money for the "friends" /making inflation/ taking over for this money during 1989 about 90% of national property through 5% of society, enlargement of this section every year,
-    unemployment over 3 millions under 2 millions without right to unemployment benefit and without any means to live,
-    half millions army of homeless without any chanse for dwelling,
-    dismounting of Polish army,
-    antinational "4 reforms" it is administative with sovereign countries, health service with splendor dispensary /for patients insured under State law/, and closing of hospitals, pensionary reform with "pillars" leading out of colled fonds aboad, liquidating small enterprices and educational americanizing children.
Those facts are indicating that the parliament in Poland as before years in the same way now is coming out as a strange agency called for plunder Poland with the Polish hands. According to report of the World Bank the puting in or blockade of law /bill/ in Poland costs from 0,5 till 3 millions Dollars. If we have voted on the parliament members to legalize bussiness with our lots ?
The measure of agency sign is the resolution by the supposed Catholic parliament about profanation of Crosses Road on the gravel heap in Oświęcim. If such a parliament is able to esteem the own Native Country or any other, when has sold the soul to the devil?
I.    We show the following tasks for the candidates to parliament
1.    To be leaded by top principle: Nation decides, members of parliament are executting.
2.    Carry out the referendum of the Nation during two months from the election refering in the matters:
a - if to the cessing parliament together and sinly the Nation is giving adoption it is acknowledge to be correct and approves the results of the whole term?
b - how high shall be endowment of parliament members in relation to the social minimum because this decides about knowladge and representation by the member of parliament needs interest of the Nation: equal, doubly or triple?
3.    Settlement of the members from former term, which did'nt received adoption of
the report together with the confiscation of theft National property and punishment
according to the misdemeanor.
4.    Carry of National referendum during 4 months from election with ask:
- if there is needed maintenanse of political system, where Seym introduces laws, Senat it
ratifies and next again ratifies it president?
- if rather rotation should be as follows: laws carries one person body elected by
general election /as president, king, canceller/ and ratifies it Senat /Seym is
superfluous/, however strtegic matters for the State and contentions between legislative
authority decides National general-referendas.
5.    The members of parliament should be examined every half year with sondage of the
popularity with effect to take away the mandate, any time their support shall fall down
under 50% /base of democracy/.

III. We call out all the elections commitees to gather and to make public exhibition from
    all candidates which shall be member of parliament to give written declaration that:
    1. shall take the duties to execute tasks according point II,
    2. without delay shall make deposition if do'nt discharge fromabove tasks;
    3. shall'nt pretend when no fulfiled tasks and no deposed mandate and voters shallpublish
    information about their treason;
    4. shall depose mandate during of month from the date of negative popularity sondage.

Enclosers to the resolution

How is working parliament at present?
If such parliament should be given to USA or Germany so those States in short time should break off his existence. To distinguish it from those States - in Poland parliament votes instead to ratify law acts issued by State Head. And inversaly, over 400 members are creating law act, which is abolished by one president, when happens that is voted some essential for the Nation according to election declarations. In result parliament squnders time and money for the less important laws /bills/ voted by separate boards /commissions/ working according guide lines and the rest of the members according those lines only approves what boards /commissions/ dictate. To break consciences of the members there is introduced so called club discipline. When in the presence of dis obedients doesn't work corruption and blackmail, there are given narcotics and is applaying phisical force.
In that way arised ca. 38.000 law acts, over 3 timee more than in E. U. Commonly critizied for bureaucracy. Theory about systems is teaching that so composed law does'nt work. Multiplying of clerks to execution from from the citisens does'nt help, because so much regulations are contradictory each other. Such a law remarcable can be in service to hobble of the State body.
Every candidate for beeing member of parliament knows that he also shall'nt embrace so much laws acts to be able to make corrections. He knows that yet his work shall be not heavy, because ne shall receive guide lines how should vote and for the right voting by show of hands yet received payment. In every case does'nt intend to exposehealth of himself and family. Adverse - every member treats election as a chance to private income. For that money he damps his conscience to work for strange agency against own children.
Dear candidate! When you deny that parliament in Poland is the way to the hell or you want change it to take tasks mentioned in point II, please give us the written declaration for which we ask you - before you shall make registration. We shall be depository and shall testify for Nation about your pure intencions.

Contact with Association: 01 - 149 Warszawa, ul. Żytnia 83 lok. 1, tel/fax / +48 -22 632 94 13.Personal contact between 3 and 5 o'clock p. m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. E -mail: wolab@tg.com.pl Internet: www.spwb.tg.com.pl